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              Suspension of onsite teaching on Professional Masters Programme 16th March 2020 — 4th September 2020

              Following consultation in the Department and with MPLS Division the programme has taken the decision to suspend onsite teaching with effect from 16th March 2020 — 4th September 2020 inclusive.

              The Programme Office will maintain this page with updates. Please check here first for frequently asked questions before contacting the office with your query or concern. The office can be contacted at We would ask you to be patient at this time, the team will endeavour to respond to your email as soon as they are able, however the current situation is placing additional demands on staff within the department.

              Please also refer to for University guidance and advice.

              Why have you taken the decision to suspend teaching on the Professional Masters Programme?
              What period of time will be affected?
              Which courses have been cancelled?
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              I was booked onto a project week, can I get priority for the next one?
              Are you able to run the courses online?
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              If the new iteration of the course falls into the new academic year, will I be charged at the new rate?
              Will you be releasing an assignment for students who previously attended the course and were planning to take an assignment only option?
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              I have not yet received my invoice for a course starting in 12 weeks, does this mean the course is not going ahead?

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              The Programme offers short courses in a variety of subjects. These courses may be used as credit towards a Masters' degree (MSc) in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford. Applications are welcome from anyone with an appropriate combination of academic achievement and industrial experience; a first degree in a related discipline may be useful, but is by no means necessary.

              Increasingly, specific, functional requirements are addressed in the context of complex security concerns. The Programme offers an alternative Masters' degree (MSc) in Software and Systems Security, available to those who take the majority of their courses, and their MSc project and dissertation, in this area. Full details of the courses, and comprehensive documentation for the two MScs, can be found on this site, and in the Programme 老王v2.2.8.

              Each course is delivered by an expert in the subject, and includes an intense teaching week of classes, practicals, and group work; class sizes are kept small to facilitate interaction and to promote effective learning. Each subject is taught at least once a year—some are taught two or three times—and most can be studied in any order; this helps to provide the kind of flexibility required by students with existing commitments. Each MSc within the Software Engineering Programme is available only to part-time students; there is a separate MSc in Computer Science for full-time students.


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